Document management
& workflow on premises
and without intermediaries

Startdigit corporate digital strategy

Manage, share and protect documents, keeping them securely in-house


When documents are stored in multiple locations (on laptops and USB sticks, e-mail and network drives, and at various document sharing sites), chaos is inevitable.

Such a distribution of content across different systems slows down business productivity and increases security risks.

Important files such as legal contracts, marketing resources and design and administrative documents are easily identifiable, shared and protected.

Maximize the value of content by integrating it into basic business processes.

Information is delivered to the right person, at the right time, in the applications and devices used to do their job.


Document Acquisition from all business sources.

Electronic documents, Paper documents, Scanner archiving, Multifunction, Barcode, file, print spool, ERP (active and passive cycle).

Moreover, with StartDigit’s automatic document acquisition software it is possible to read information directly from the document and then pass it on to the management and document system.

Powerful search and discovery functions

  • Alfresco makes it easy to quickly find the exact document you need among thousands and even hundreds of thousands of files.
  • Amazon-style search functions, key search, full-text, with immediate search suggestions and simple search filters, speed up the recovery of relevant content.
  • The smart folders function groups documents by content, not by where they are stored.
  • Protocol, versioning, multi-level files, notes.
  • Mobile access and integration with productivity applications allow users to work from anywhere, using devices and interfaces they are already familiar with.

Integration of content into processes

  • A powerful combination of workflow and document management functions offers endless opportunities to optimize and accelerate the flow of digital content: articulated metadata models, or properties, allow documents to progress automatically through a business process or throughout the archive management lifecycle.
  • Process Workflow enables the management of collaborative workgroups according to a process model.
  • UA process consists of one or more activities, each of which represents work to be done to achieve a common goal.
  • The activities can be carried out by the participants or by specific programmes.
  • Integrated workflows simplify the review and approval of documents, and custom process definitions allow you to optimize all activities involving large amounts of content, increase efficiency, improve working methods and verification while remaining flexible.

Business-critical content

  • Business content is protected throughout its lifecycle by enterprise-level security controls and integrated record management capabilities.
  • Multi-level access permissions (for sites, folders, and files) allow you to control who can view, edit, and delete documents.
  • Version control, with the ability to revert to a previous version, simplifies document monitoring and protects file integrity.
  • Simple, automated record management enhances and demonstrates compliance with information governance policies throughout the document lifecycle.

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Startdigit® Private Digital Platform

Startdigit® has developed a strategy to access the benefits of digital transformation by allowing companies to regain control of their data:
Startdigit’s Private Digital Platform di is the ever-expanding ecosystem that allows you to intervene in every aspect of your business to digitise all processes, while maintaining confidentiality and control over your information.