Private Digital Platform

The digitization strategy that focuses on confidentiality of corporate information

Startdigit® Private Digital Platform is an ever-expanding ecosystem of solutions to enable you to digitize every process in your business while maintaining full control over your information.

Today you can access the benefits of digitization without having to give up ownership and control of your data: capture and convert documents into information, seamlessly connect existing systems with new technologies, access content anywhere and in any case, bring the potential of information to a new level of knowledge but above all protect the confidentiality of corporate know-how, protecting your data and therefore your business.

Search and find, view and share, collaborate and protect your digital and non-digital content.

Maximize knowledge. Take control of your data. Protect your information.

Discover the solutions and services available in the Startdigit Private Digital Platform.

Request information on Startdigit® Private Digital Platform, the solution that allows you to digitize your company without giving your information to large players, intermediaries or cloud systems not controlled by you.